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Biological fishery data

The following information is available, among others: data about the fleet capacity, the landings and discards of fish, the catch composition, fishery-independent data from surveys with research vessels, economic data with regard to fleets, aquaculture and the fish processing industry and biological data (length, weight, age, etc) of caught fish, shellfish

Biological fishery data


Ruimte op zee

In the VISNAT project, ILVO provides advice to the European Commission on feasible fishery measures in protected nature areas, measures that harm the fishing industry as little as possible.ILVO researchers have developed the GeoFish tool to bundle all these restrictions and make them clear to fishermen, ship owners and policy makers.

Research projects

Sustainable up-cycling of agro-, agrofood and fisheries residues in horticulture and agriculture as bioenergy, biochar and chitin-rich products

We work (further) on residual flows from agro, agri-food and fishery activities, which are processed into compost, plant fibers, biochar and chitin. The final goal is to come up with technically sound and economically interesting cultivation substrates, in collaboration with a number of partners who contribute their practical knowledge.


Marine production and marine environment

In the coming years, ILVO wants to extend the frontiers of various (marine) domains, from data-driven fishery to further development of our Marine Living Lab.Data-driven fishery In order to accelerate the digitalization of our marine fisheries, ILVO is working with a number of shipping companies on precision fisheries.

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