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Internet-of-animals: design and development of an integrated health and welfare monitoring system for dairy cows

The main goal of this project is to investigate the integration of different sensors (localization, accelerometers) the detection and monitoring for multiple animal states and anomalies (calving, oestrus, lameness, and heat stress).Research approachThe first work package investigates the design of health and welfare tracking algorithms based on the

Internet-of-animals: design and development of an integrated health and welfare monitoring system for dairy cows

Research projects

Blue-green strategies for climate change adaptation

Moreover, previously fragmented visions and implementations from multiple sectors hinder the opportunity for logical synergies and for an integrated approach to resilient water landscapes.

Research projects

We explore development paths for agroforestry in the economic and institutional landscape, such as feasible financing and business models.Research approachBesides a farm technical and a socio-economic workpackage, the core method chosen is a co-design approach with stakeholders in action labs.

Research projects

Enabling Carbon Farming in Flanders by establishing a geospatial information system

It has three objectives: 1) perform a system analysis and design a roadmap for carbon farming with a multi-actor approach, 2) build a geodata platform to register and monitor measures for carbon farming and calculate the effect on soil carbon storage and 3) establish an action platform for carbon farming with various actors that can continue to work



Everyone already knows that trees provide a lot of services to society such as: Increased biodiversityMore carbon storage in the soilMitigating the effects of climate changeAir purificationLandscape and recreational valueWe know from research that they can also be financially or operationally interesting for farmers: Erosion protectionSpreading risk

Grazing Cow Monitor EN

Goal Livestock farmers of the “Verdronken Land” in Saeftinghe, a large region littered with mud and salt marshes on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, have to locate their cattle every day to ensure that they do not get stuck in one of the many deep gullies of the landscape.

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