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Heat plan for Flemish pig farming

Centrale onderzoeksvraag/doelThe increasing maximum temperatures and the increasing number of days with elevated temperatures in Belgium can lead to heat stress in several animal species but pigs are particularly sensitive to this. In recent years, pig farmers have experienced much greater production losses and mortality on their farms.

Heat plan for Flemish pig farming

News | 03/06/2019

Internet-of-Cows: sensors for detection of heat and calving in dairy cattle

Internet-of-Cows: sensors for detection of heat and calving in dairy cattle

Sensors that continuously measure dairy cow behaviors such as lying down, walking, standing, eating and ruminating can predict timing of heat and calving within 2 and 24 hours in advance with high accuracy.


Farmer stress and mental well-being

Compared to other occupational categories, farmers seem to be more at risk for excessive mental stress. Complaints in this sector often remain under the radar for quite some time. More attention for this problem is needed, together with scientific substantiation of the problem and its causes.

Within that unity, there is a strong connection between stress factors, well-being, and the coping strategies applied. For example, a family that copes effectively with stress factors will be more resilient than a family that avoids or denies problems.

Farmer stress and mental well-being


Voor pluimvee worden de toevoegingen hieronder nog eens weergegeven: MB (16 augustus 2012) geeft definitie voor schuine wanden en voegt grondhuisvestingsystemen voor leghennen en opfokpoeljen van leghennen toe MB (19 juli 2013) voegt grondhuisvestingsysteem met warmeheaters toe voor slachtkuikens en voor opfokpoeljen van slachtkuikenouderdieren MB (

News | 18/01/2021

Renewable energy tech for livestock production

Electricity and heat from solar panels? Heat from a heat pump? The recently-started Horizon 2020 project RES4LIVE aims at replacing fossil fuels on livestock farms with cost-efficient solutions based on renewable energy.

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