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Status of the fish stocks

Where do Belgian commercial fishermen fish? What species do they catch and how much? What is the state of fish stocks in those places, and how exactly is that calculated? When can we speak of a sustainably fished stock?

From data to science-based recommendations Belgian fishermen fish for more than 50 species of fish and shellfish in no fewer than 10 different fishing areas, from the Bay of Biscay in the south to Skagerrak in the north. The status of each of these species in each marine area is evaluated annually.

Status of the fish stocks

Research projects

Fostering Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming through secure access to large-scale HPC-enabled virtual industrial experimentation environment empowering scalable Big Data analytics

The other demonstrator is about “Open sea fishing” and will focus on better monitoring of fish prevalence and the marine ecosystem of the North Sea, improvement of fisheries management via multiple sensors on the ship, and the automatic detection of fish species through image analysis.Relevance/ValorizationThe impact of CYBELE will be that (a) an HPC-enabled


Living Lab Agrifood Technology is an initiative spearheaded by ILVO or the Flemish Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Weworkin close cooperation with a vast network of stakeholders.

Research projects

Automatic shrimp triage

Main research questionIn the research project ‘Accurate selection” (De Juiste Sortering in Dutch), machine builder de Boer RVS, ILVO and skipper Jan-Jurie van Eekelen of the shrimp trawler WR 9 are working together in a study on an innovative way of on-board catch processing for the brown shrimp fishery in the North Sea.In this processing line, a detection

Research projects

Organic beef farming in a practical brochure

Main research questionAt the request of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, ILVO and Ugent will develop a practical booklet that will serve as a manual for organic beef cattle farmers (or farmers in conversion).

Research projects

Valorisation of algae for a better taste

In times of exhaustion of agricultural land, overfishing and an ever-increasing demand for food, there is great need for sustainable alternatives. Both consumers and food producers are reluctant to use these products, however.

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