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50th Western European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) Conference

50th Western European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) Conference

The aim of WEFTA is to be an important platform in Europe for institutions engaged in fish processing, applied food science, aquaculture, seafood technology, health effects of seafood consumption and consumer studies. WEFTA aims at improving safety and quality of seafood on and from the European and other markets through research within this area.

News | 24/08/2021

Ray, Fish of the Year 2021

Ray, Fish of the Year 2021

Rye will be "fish of the year 2021" in Flanders. VLAM is setting up a promotional campaign around this fish species, with remarkably many nuances and facts. Again, ILVO determined the sustainability of the "fish of the year".


Status of the fish stocks

Where do Belgian commercial fishermen fish? What species do they catch and how much? What is the state of fish stocks in those places, and how exactly is that calculated? When can we speak of a sustainably fished stock?

From data to science-based recommendations Belgian fishermen fish for more than 50 species of fish and shellfish in no fewer than 10 different fishing areas, from the Bay of Biscay in the south to Skagerrak in the north. The status of each of these species in each marine area is evaluated annually.

Status of the fish stocks

Research projects

Monitoring recreational sea fisheries in Belgium

Main research questionHow does recreational fishing in Belgium evolve from year to year? What is the biological, economic and technical situation of the recreational fisheries?

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