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Coastal protection

Traditional forms of coastal protection such as sand barriers, dikes and dams are being questioned due to their high maintenance costs, limited flexibility and negative ecological impact. Therefore na...


Aquaculture at sea distinguish four types: mariculture as a function of food and feed, mariculture as a function of coastal protection, mariculture as a function of pharmaceutical and biotechnological processing, ...


Ruimte op zee

...ortant source of sand. That sand is used as a building material but also for beach embankments as coastal protection during storms. ILVO will collect samples at sea every six months to study the im...

Research projects

Sustainable use of sand in nature-based solutions

... a field of tension between the great need for sand for the large-scale application of nature-based coastal protection and, on the other hand, the finite nature of sand resources at sea and the pot...


Marine production and marine environment

...ct and the ecosystem. We use this principle of ‘working with nature’ in research on natural coastal protection, the restoration of shellfish beds, innovative aquaculture methods, multiple uses of t...

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