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The short chain is getting the wind in its sails, and global crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are unexpected catalysts. Citizens are becoming increasingly involved in the food system and the role agriculture plays in it. Consumers find their way to the farm store and the local farmer.

Answers on this page: What is the short chain?Kan the short chain become a profitable business model in the long term?What is meant by ‘innovative multi-actor partnerships’?Structural collaboration with short-chain farmsProcessing for the short chainWhat is the short chain?

Short chain


It’s all about data! Opportunities in the agri-food value chain

Opportunities in the agri-food value chain

In order to tackle these challenges, reliable and correct data, across the food value chain are needed. Capturing, processing and analysing data are at the core of every digitalisation process. Furthermore, data have to be collected and shared from farm to fork, across the value chain.

The industry 4.0 wave offers significant opportunities and challenges for the agri-food value chain.


Moreover, they are used to link data across the value chain. These decision support tools provide the pig farmers with the necessary information to effectively implement and carry out their management activities.

Sustainable pig production

Therefore, the pork production chain needs the deployment of new approaches and higher computation power to manage this huge amount of data and to be able to apply complex algorithms to get the most out of it.

Research projects

Chickpea: Protein grown in Flanders

Finally, we aim at identifying all necessary partners to have a complete chain from farm to fork. Research approachIn Kik-Love we want to demonstrate the cultivation of chickpea at 2 pioneer farms (a conventional and an organic farm) and demonstrate this crop to early adopters.

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