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Short chain

The short chain is getting the wind in its sails, and global crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are unexpected catalysts. Citizens are becoming in...

Processing for the short chain



Together with the chain, ILVO shares its latest findings via cultivation demonstrations, open field days, and ‘Quilopedia’

Building a local chain


Business models

...hat are the costs and benefits associated with this? All the links in the chain There are many links in the chain between Farm and Fork. In the ...


Food: balanced and healthy fatty acids, etc. The other links in the chain also play a crucial role, via harvest and storage and further processing to stabilize those pr...


Farmer stress and mental well-being

...etting up expansion activities, such as short-chain companies and CSA businesses. We see four forms of impact: 1) physical impact, 2) mental impact...


Gut health

... gut microbiome and on the production of certain metabolites such as short-chain fatty acids? The research is still ongoing, but has already ...


Food: Food safety

...on and remediation of foodborne pathogens throughout the food production chain, This is the so-called farm-to-fork approach. Special attention is p...

Research projects

Connecting Humans in the Agrifood INdustry

Main research questionCompanies - including those in the agrifood chain - are digitizing more and more. This makes data sharing a must, both within a ...

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