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Business models

Business models for profitable and resilient food systems What is a business model? A business model describes how a business makes money. It is a structured representation of the various fa...


Food: balanced and healthy

...on, food security, sustainability, pricing, marketing, cultural habits, business models, economic profitability, and so on. These are but a few of the many aspects that also require attention withi...


Short chain

Answers on this page: What is the short chain?Kan the short chain become a profitable business model in the long term?What is meant by ‘innovative multi-actor partnerships’?Structural collaboratio...


Soil health

...on healthy soils and providing ecosystem services such as carbon storage and water storage can be a business model for the farmer. > Also read these dossiers: ErosionSoil improvement wit...



...ow do you manage them? What is the best way to coordinate the various production elements? And what business models exist for agroforestry?

ILVO studies the attitude towards agroforestry, chain development and business models for various forms of agroforestry.

Research projects


The main objective of the FoodForward operational group is to investigate and promote the economic feasibility of food forests as an alternative business model.

Research projects

Need for nuts

...protein content and other relevant quality parameters of different varieties are analyzed. Possible business models are described, quantitatively where possible, and an action plan for 'Flemish nut...

Research projects

Setting up a local, sustainable soybean value chain.

...nique for organic soybeans at the SME scale. The goal is to develop a mutually fair and transparent business model to enable a local, integral and long-lasting value chain for organic soy in Flande...

Research projects


...Space mapped the existing data exchange landscape and experiences with it, including governance and business models and evolving legislation. The researchers proposed a technical reference architec...

Research projects

Building a local chickpea processing chain

...nd fertilizers, as chickpea is a leguminous crop that can fix nitrogen. KIKET aims for an inclusive business model with open and transparent pricing throughout the chain from farmer to consumer.


Profitable and resilient food systems

...nd use can further support the narrative around authenticity, transparency and traceability.New business models As an independent partner, ILVO is looking for better business models for all...


Healthy soil and crops

...isposal to promote these soil functions, but their added value is not always reflected within their business model. There are still many technical and monitoring issues to be resolved, but ultimate...


Bioeconomy and closed loops

...rocessing of wet biomass flows, we characterize interesting molecules, we research and evaluate new business models, we look for partners, and we guide them towards effective system innovation.


Precision agriculture and data technology

...arch and are translated into wider farming practice. We take care to use an appropriate business model and monitor the userfriendliness, involvement and development of digital skills in the end use...


Technology, machine, and stable construction

...t (MVP) principle, meaning ILVO can help you find the right financing or a suitable business model. > Some examples of innovations developed in co-creation with businesses and end-users are ...

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