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News | 28/09/2022

Broilers that grow just as well but emit less nitrogen

... effects can be achieved with age-appropriate feed and careful litter selection and management. Broilers receive several feeds in their lifetime: a starter for the chicks, a grower as they matu...

Research projects

Optimal cultivation of protein crops for poultry feeding

...parately, but not for mixed crops and certainly not yet for matching their use with laying hens and broilers in both conventional and organic production systems. Finally, the project also aims at t...

Research projects

Welfare Improving monitoring Solutions for cHickens

..., (ii) machine learning solutions to automatically derive health and productivity indicators of the broilers and (iii) enrichment solutions, including adaptive lighting and perching solutions which...


Poultry and rabbit farming

ILVO conducts management, feeding, digestion, and registration trials on laying hens, broilers, mother hens, turkeys, and rabbits (does & meat rabbits). This includes monitoring production results...

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Co-creation in poultry and rabbit production

AnalysesDetailsContactpersoonZootechnical trials in small livestockFeed and digestibility trials in broilers, layers and rabbits. More information.Evelyne Delezie, Saskia Leleu Excretion trials in...

Zinkbron bij vleeskuikens

...achja De Grande haar doctoraat ‘Dietary zinc source affects performance and intestinal health in broilers’. Promotoren zijn Prof. dr. R. Ducatelle en Prof. dr. ir. F. Van Immerseel van UGent (Fac. ...

News | 20/10/2017

Broiler welfare during the pre-slaughter phase

...ghtered worldwide each year. The largest number of production animals that undergo this process are broilers. Approximately 44 billion broilers are slaughtered worldwide, 300 million of which in Be...

News | 05/06/2024

Broiler platform shows promising results

Wide platforms for broilers to sit on or shelter under when in the house have a positive effect on some animal welfare indicators without an adverse effect on growth, feed intake, feed conversion or c...

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