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Biodiversity in and on the sea floor

The Belgian North Sea is a small but very interesting area in terms of biodiversity. Much of it is found in and on the sea floor. However, the marine bottom is under pressure from the many activities ...



... is being carried out to meet the increasing demand for soy. Deforestation causes a loss of biodiversity, erosion problems, climate change, and also social problems for the population, leading to i...



ILVO studies the impact of agroforestry systems on soil quality, water, climate, biodiversity, and (crop) yield.



...agement of the organic matter content and by stimulating soil life closing nutrient cycles more biodiversity, including those which are functional for agricultural operations reduction of extern...



...water infiltration, warmer cities and towns, less CO2 storage by plants and the soil, and a loss of biodiversity. Desealing provides more space for nature and food production, less flooding...



...gative impact on drinking water quality. Together with phosphates, it causes toxic algal blooms and biodiversity loss in watercourses and coastal areas (eutrophication). Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a...


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

...quaculture farms, which may take up a certain area in the sea, affect the fishing activities, biodiversity, etc. in that area. 4. Offshore windfarms As the demand for green and renewable ...


Plant health

A changing climate, loss of biodiversity due to human activities, and increased international trade mean that our crops are more threatened by diseases and pests than ever before. At ILVO, we not only...


Soil health

...e numerous additional ecosystem services such as climate regulation, richer below- and above-ground biodiversity, better water management, etc.

Research projects

ERA-NET Cofund on Sustainable Crop Production

...industrially used biomass and at the same time maintain a healthy environment, natural habitats and biodiversity. In the course of 2018, the cofunded call was launched and closed, which was the fir...

Research projects

Need for nuts

...d products. In addition, nut trees in the landscape can provide numerous ecosystem services such as biodiversity and carbon storage. In NAN, steps are being taken both at the cultivation level and ...

Research projects

Beans for the love of Leuven

...oncept of mixed cultivation. It provides knowledge for farmers who are looking for ways to increase biodiversity, reduce crop protection and fertilizers and strengthen a piece of entrepreneurship t...

Research projects

SUPPORT for adopting IPM strategies

... category enjoys a reputation for securing crop yields, but on the other hand there may be risks to biodiversity, the environment and human health. The second category - integrated pest management ...

Research projects

Grass advice

...s. Further, these perennial crops provide ecosystem services like soil organic carbon accumulation, biodiversity and erosion control. Moreover, mixes of grass and red clover or lucerne have a excel...

Research projects

Bio-economy and Circular Agriculture for Soil Health

...t landscape level. From the soil perspective, the modeling toolbox considers soil health (e.g. soil biodiversity, carbon sequestration, capacity of water retention, nutrient cycling) and safety (i....

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