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Precision livestock farming

... ILVO, we regularly work on monitoring individual animals, for dairy and beef cattle, as well as for pigs and even poultry sporadically. Problems c...

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Low protein feeding for beef cattle

Linked Sectors: Beef cattle farming

...bstantiated evidence for the correct application of low protein feeding of beef cattle as an ammonia emission reduction measure?


Beef cattle farming

Beef cattle farmers, their customers, and their suppliers find answers here to the question “what can ILVO do for me?”. You’ll get a brief overview of...

Research projects

Organic beef farming in a practical booklet

Linked Sectors: Beef cattle farming

...t will develop a practical booklet that will serve as a manual for organic beef cattle farmers (or farmers in conversion).

News | 03/07/2020

Rearing Belgian Blue cattle at the De Serrano farm

...ird-generation cattle farmers in Belgium. They rear Belgian double-muscled beef cattle (so-called "Belgian Blues"). Follow their cattle from calf t...

Linked Sectors: Beef cattle farming

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