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Marine production and the marine environment

Specifically, ILVO’s technical research for fisheries focuses on reducing the impact of the current beam trawl, continuing to develop electric pulse fishing and passive fishing, and research on the survival of discarded fish.

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Co-creation in fisheries

A flexible team can be called on to perform both desk and field work, whenever and wherever necessary.Els VanderperrenRental of installations for marine experimentsAt ILVO, various recirculation systems are available in which exposure experiments (contaminants or other stressors), feeding trials, survival tests, and trawl tests can be done, or in which

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The Nitrogen Reduction Plan (PAS)

> Back to: ILVO reference tasks for the environmental policy area Interesting links (in Dutch) General info about PAS: about low-emissions animal housing: www.vlm.beAmmoniak - Kenniscentrum


Stray voltage

For example, a chewed cable hitting a metal support beam can result in the cows avoiding certain cubicles. Also, stray voltage may only occur under certain circumstances. For example, only after cleaning the milking robot or in humid weather conditions because the insulation around a cable is only slightly damaged.

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