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... extremely important. In order to control this labeling and to detect cross-contamination with food allergens during the production of food products, ILVO is strongly committed to reliable detectio...


Gut health has to taste good, otherwise no one will eat it. Therefore, taste and smell are also important.Allergens: For people with a food allergy, the presence of even a small amount of an allergen can...


Nutrition for target groups

...e good, otherwise no one will eat it. Therefore, taste and smell are also important.Food Safety and Allergens: Both important basic conditions when we talk about healthy food.


Authenticity of food products

...uthenticity work? Contact us today via Also read more about allergens.


Food: Food safety

Veterinary drug residues, toxins of (micro-)organisms, allergens, anti-nutritional factors, PAHs, metals, microplastics, ...


International Symposium on Food Allergens

...ood Safety Research and CER Groupe, are pleased to invite you to the International Symposium «Food Allergens: regulation, management and detection » on September 21st 2023 in Brussels.

News | 04/03/2021

New robust detection method for allergens in food

Accurate and simultaneous detection of food allergens The method consists of the combination of liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), and simultaneously detects and quanti...


Food and Health

...and disease of civilization. For people with food allergies, we are sharpening our knowledge of how allergens work and how processing influences them. Systems approach against malnutrition ...


Protein diversification

...ial with an open mind, taking into account taste preferences, cultural aspects, food safety and allergens. Not simply interchangeable Proteins from plant products and from insects, seawee...


Food production

ILVO determines the nutritional value, shelf life, and allergens for product labels. In addition, ILVO runs advanced analyses for more complex food issues, such as controlling food pathogens, cleaning...

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Research infrastructure

...d substrateLaboratory for Seed TestingSpray technology National Reference Laboratory (NRL) GMOAllergensToxins and residues of veterinary medicinesPlant parasitic organisms - (NRL en EURL) And h...

Living Labs

Food Pilot

... have advanced analytical equipment and expertise to investigate complex issues such as shelf life, allergens, taste, aroma and composition of products. Expertise and infrastructure The Foo...

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General conditions, a possible cross- contamination with one of the 14 ingredients to be mentioned in the EU as allergens on the label cannot be excluded with absolute certainty. Genetically modified agricultu...

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...ues." Current strategic themes are protein diversification, reduction of food losses, allergens, pathogens and residues, functional nutrition, health care nutrition, small-scale and local food ...

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Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry at ILVO: Meet@all

... Possible compounds can include medicinal residues, mycotoxins, plant components, polyphenols, allergens, peptides/proteins, volatile components, fatty acids, ink from packaging, etc. in any n...

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Food-related analyses

...r> More about GMO analyses (+32 9 272 28 41)Food allergensILVO can detect food allergens of vegetable (e.g. soy, nuts, mustard, etc.) and animal origin...

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Allergen analyses

Contact: Isabel Taverniers ILVO can detect food allergens of vegetable origin (soy, nuts, mustard, etc.) and animal origin (milk, eggs, fish and shellfish) in a variety of samples, a PCR based met...

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Food-related analyses

...nt ("quantification"). More about GMO analysesIsabel Taverniers+32 9 272 28 41AllergensFood allergens of plant origin (e.g. soy, nuts, mustard, etc.) and animal origin (e.g. milk, e...

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