Study day Webinar - New at the Food Pilot: ‘High moisture extruder’

High moisture extruder in Food Pilot

In this webinar we will demonstrate the technology and the applications of high moisture extrusion (HME). The demo is filmed in advance, and commented and discussed live with you.The Food Pilot invested in a semi-industrial machine that is now available for pilot trials. This technique is used to texturize proteins of many different sources. The wet extrudate can then be processed into alternatives for burgers, nuggets or other snacks. In this webinar we focus on the principle of the HME technology, the conditions for the raw material, and properties of the extrudate. We give you the opportunity to ask questions.This webinar can be interesting for suppliers of ingredients, producers of meat products or meat analogues or any other actor in the agrifood chain.


10:00 Welcome

10:10 About the technology – Geert Van Royen

  • Trend towards extruded food on our plate
  • Principle of the technology
  • Video demonstration of the equipment at the Food Pilot

10:30 Q&A

10:40 About the applications – Geert Van Royen

  • Preconditions of the raw material: dry matter, protein content
  • Properties of the extrudate
  • Development of finished products
  • Current research projects
  • Next investments for a full pilot protein processing line

10:50 Q&A

11:00 End

For all your questions,